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Medical Examinations
Sep 21, 2011 9:34 AM




TO:                  MMA and Boxing Community

 FROM:            RD Brown

 DATE:             September 21, 2011

 SUBJECT:     Medical Examinations

 MN Statute Chapter 341. Combative Sports Commission states the following:


Subd. 4.Prelicensure requirements


(c) Before the commission issues a license to a combatant, the applicant shall submit to the commission the results of a current medical examination on forms furnished or approved by the commission. The medical examination must include an ophthalmological and neurological examination, and documentation of test results for HBV, HCV, and HIV, and any other blood test as the commission by rule may require. The ophthalmological examination must be designed to detect any retinal defects or other damage or condition of the eye that could be aggravated by combative sports. The neurological examination must include an electroencephalogram or medically superior test if the combatant has been knocked unconscious in a previous contest. The commission may also order an electroencephalogram or other appropriate neurological or physical examination before any contest if it determines that the examination is desirable to protect the health of the combatant. The commission shall not issue a license to an applicant submitting positive test results for HBV, HCV, or HIV.

 Since our language is somewhat ambiguous, we are making the following changes to the medical requirements. 

  • Physical exam by a licensed physician is required for all new licensees as per the MN state statute
  • Ophthalmological exam is required as per the MN state statute however a dilated retinal exam required of all new licensees can be performed by an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist
  • Neurological exam is required as per the MN state statute however; any licensed physician with knowledge and/or training in sports and/or concussive injuries can perform the exam. 
  • EEGs or other exams are not needed unless the licensee has been knocked unconscious in a previous contest
  • Blood tests consisting of  HBsAg, C AB, and HIV 1/2 are required as per the statute once every 12 months

 We will accept out-of-state Physical, Ophthalmological, and Neurological examinations if they are within the last six (6) months and follow the same criteria, as does the MN state examination forms.

 After a long wait, we now have our own MN state Physical Examination Form, Ophthalmological Exam Form, and the Neurological Exam Form for combatants to take with them to the physician’s office.  All of these forms and the SCAT II Form are on the website for downloading.

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